Light a candle
for democracy

Join Thousands of Others Across the World
to Light a Candle for Democracy Together
on Election Night Eve.


It will be easy and uplifting to participate. All you'll need is a few minutes, a candle, and a belief in the power of collective energy.

The live stream will happen on the eve of the election, Monday November 2nd. A day or so before, you'll receive complete details about timing so we can light our candles together.

There will be a live streaming component on both FaceBook and YouTube for people who are interested.

Invite your friends and family.

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"Light a Candle for Democracy" is both an in-person installation and a virtual art experience by mixed media artist Sarah Bush in Taos, NM.

The IN-PERSON, PHYSICAL INSTALLATION will be a "shrine" to democracy at the Revolt Gallery in Taos, NM. People will be able to enter the space one at a time, set an intention, and light a candle from one of the many tall votives that will be lit to honor various aspects of the democratic process; such as, equality, the rule of law, and one person-one vote.

The VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE will happen on the eve of the election. Sarah will be live-streaming from the physical installation, and leading us all in a collective candle lighting. We will light those candles to everything we hold dear about the democratic process, civility, and respect for all.

This experience is about moving from reacting with fear and anger to the authoritarian, undemocratic messages coming out of the White House to connecting with each other energetically through honoring our highest values and standing in our power. Lighting these candles together on the eve of a pivotal moment in history is one way we can step out of isolation, uplift each other, and face one of the most divisive elections in our history from a position of grace and strength.

Sarah Bush
Taos, NM

Let's Do this thing!

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